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Inactivators – The First Performance Sleep Mask

(618 customer reviews)


The Inactivewear Collection.
By combining total darkness, built-in cooling, and the perfect fit, your Inactivators sleep mask will optimize the length, depth, and quality of your sleep—night after night. Inactivators are a one size fits all mask with a customizable fit. Simply pinch above your nose to sculpt it to your unique shape and experience the benefit of total blackout.

You’re already a champion. There’s no limit to who you can become when you finally get the sleep that science says you need to perform at your best (and you’ll look like a boss wearing them).

  • 100% light-blocking Tru-Dark technology
  • Built-in cooling temperature control
  • Self-adjusting, hardware-free strap
  • Air-lite construction for comfort and ease of travel
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618 reviews for Inactivators – The First Performance Sleep Mask

  1. Katie W. (verified owner)

    I take sleep very seriously and because of that, I have been through a few sleep masks. This was the first sleep mask that I owned that makes it feel as if I’m not wearing anything while still blocking out all the light. Some of the best sleep I had in a while thanks to this.

  2. Dave Taylor (verified owner)

    Whether I am preparing for an endurance race or my next mountain summit climbing attempt, sleep is pivotal in powering my mind and body. I tried Inactivators™ and can say they immediately became a game-changer and critical part of my sleep routine. I fall asleep more quickly now—and stay asleep. Can’t wait to take them on my next expedition!

  3. Sean D. (verified owner)

    It always takes me a really long time to fall asleep so I bought these after a recommendation from a friend. When trying it on I was really surprised how comfortable it is. It’s very easy to adjust to my face and puts absolutely no pressure on my eyes while still being able to provide complete blackout. Normally it takes me about 45 minutes to fall asleep, with these on, I was out within 10!

  4. Darien H.

    I have really enjoyed using Inactivators for better sleep and it has been a nice upgrade over my blackout curtains. I previously never used a sleep mask but Inactivators are very comfortable and I barely notice I have them on while I sleep. The eye pockets cushion and soft / form-fitting nose bridge area are also nice touches. Overall a great product (and experience) for better sleep! Job well done!

  5. Frank Z

    I sleep with my Inactivators every night, and also bring them with me when I travel. I knew I loved my black-out curtains, but I never realized how light-sensitive I really am. The total blackout helps a lot, and the way they are made makes them stay on my head. You’ve definitely got a fan.

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