Ready. Set. Sleep.


Sleep studies show us that if you get just six hours of sleep per night, within three weeks, you’ll be operating as if you’ve been awake for two days straight. With that comes a decrease in cognitive abilities, attention lapses, motor skills decline, and potential damage to organs and body functions.

But when the average adult consistently gets 7 hours of sleep per night, here’s what happens:

60% better health and performance

Less stress & anxiety

Better decision-making & reaction times

Increased concentration & productivity

Stronger immunity

Balanced moods & a quieter mind

60% long-term memory improvement

More energy & stamina

Sleep’s Worst Enemies

A combination of factors could be negatively impacting your sleep performance.
Even so, the solution is more simple than you might think.

Natural Light

When the sun sets, your brain releases melatonin to regulate your sleep cycle. Light inhibits that process from happening and keeps you awake.

Artificial Light

Light from screens and other glowing devices can make your body confused about whether it’s day or night, preventing your brain from producing enough melatonin.

Improper body temperature

Brain and body temperature regulate your sleep. Cooling, or actually preventing your body temperature from rising, helps you fall and remain asleep throughout the night.

Inaction plan:


Stress & anxiety

Lying in bed awake due to worries and stress is a cyclical problem. It doesn’t help you sleep and can contribute to further sleep anxiety by making you associate your bed with wakefulness.

Late & inconsitent bedtimes

Your body can’t get the critical 7 hours of sleep it needs if you aren’t in bed for at least 7 hours. Your bedtime should set you up for success and be as consistent as possible—weekdays and weekends.

Poor pre-bedtime routines

Insufficient exercise. Device usage within 30 minutes of attempting to go to sleep. Too much alcohol. Caffeine too late in the day. Your choices during the day and right before bed impact your sleep.

Inaction plan:

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