Ready. Set. Sleep.

What is sleep performance?

Science says 7 hours of sleep per night is critical to perform at your best. Sleep experts tell us training with a sleep routine helps signal our brain and body to wind down for a deep, quality REM sleep.

The benefits of a solid 7 hours

Less stress + anxiety
Better decisions + reactions
Increased concentration + productivity
Stronger immunity to illness and disease
Balanced moods + a quieter mind
More energy + stamina
Sharper, faster thinking
A truly better life (not exaggerating!)

Get into top sleep shape with a sleep routine that will dramatically improve your sleep performance

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Science gave us a simple solution

Sometimes science isn't hard. We followed science to infuse performance into an old and uninspired product. And we made simple and stylish. Inactivators get you into top sleep shape by training your body and mind to get into the zone.

Here's how...

Total Darkness

Circadian rhythm programs our bodies to sleep when it's dark, releasing melatonin at night to regulate your sleep cycle. Light at night - from screens, bulbs, and other sources - confuses your brain into producing less melatonin, keeping you awake. (p.s. eyelids don't block everything)

Built-in cooling control

Sleep also happens when body temperature lowers. Cooling - or more accurately keeping body temperature from rising - also increaes the quality and quantity of sleep

Customizable Fit

Low profile and ergnomically designed, Inactivators Sleep Shades are softly structured, have roomy eye pockets, and hardware-free straps (so no pulling or denting hair or creasing your face).
The magic: COMFORT

Airtight Construction

Special nose - and brow - conforming bridges let you customize the fit to your unique face, ensuring 100% barrier to light, and keeping your shades in place all night long. Breathability and cooling technology is also built in to help lower body temperature.