Ready. Set. Sleep.

The first performance sleep mask.

Sleep like a pro

Meet Inactivators – the most advanced sleep mask you never knew you needed.

The latest in high-performance design, engineered by science to give you a level up, as you lie down.

Powerful. Cool. Comfortable. Sleek.

All you have to do… is put it on your face.


Sleep training with Inactivators™ delivers results you can measure and track. Pair them with our Sleep 7 Playbook to reach five-star sleep performance.


What is Sleep Performance?

Science says you need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night for optimal performance. Inactivators give you the sleep you need by bringing you 100% darkness, temperature regulation, and a signal to your body that it’s time to shift to inactive mode.

(Lack of) Sleep by the Numbers


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Up Your Sleep Game

Inactivists are those of us who know firsthand that when you maximize the length and depth of your sleep—night after night after night—you always wake up ready to slay your day.

It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep—especially when you need it the most. That’s true whether you’re an athlete with a big game at the end of week, an executive pulling together a shareholder presentation, a doctor on call, a parent caring for your little ones, or a soldier protecting your country.

Ready. Set. Sleep.


Inactivators are designed efficiently to help you sleep efficiently. AirliteTM Construction makes the mask lightweight and breathable—but powerful enough to achieve 100% darkness.

Consumer Tested. Athlete Approved.

“Sleep is always an important part of my routine and Inactivators™ help me level up when I lie down.”


Super Bowl Champion, Author, Philanthropist

“Whether I am preparing for an endurance race or my next mountain summit climbing attempt, sleep is pivotal in powering my mind and body. I tried Inactivators™ and can say they immediately became a game-changer and critical part of my sleep routine. I fall asleep more quickly now—and stay asleep. Can’t wait to take them on my next expedition!”


CEO, LDR Leadership and former Lt Col Army Ranger

Did you know?

Veterans are four more times likely to suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders? As a partner to Emory Healthcare Veterans Program and an ongoing veteran sleep study paired with Inactivators™, The Inactive Company supports these distinguished men and women and are committed to sharing the best possible sleep solutions with their needs in mind.

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